Expat mortgages in the Netherlands

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Are you an expat living in the Netherlands? And are you looking for a mortgage advisor who really cares and help you to find the best mortgage for your dutch house?
We are the mortgage advisor you are looking for!

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1. The terms of buying a house in the Netherlands as an expat  

Not all mortgage providers are willing to finance expats, but luckily there are enough who do. We know the best parties for you and we will show you the most important terms and conditions of these providers.

 2. Your maximum mortgage

When buying a house you do not want any unpleasant surprises, that is why it is important to know your exact budget before starting your search. In this way when you find the right house, you are confident enough to make a bid.

3. Buying a house with NHG (national mortgage guarantee). What is it and am I eligible for it? 

In case you apply for a mortgage with NHG, you will have lower risks in case of any unforeseen circumstances that can lead to missing payments. We will explain more about how it works. 

4. Choose an independant advisor

Independant mortgage advisors are not committed to one mortgage provider, which means they can compare the conditions and find the mortgage provider that suits your wishes best.

5. How to be prepared for your first mortgage meeting

The better you are prepared for your first meeting, the more you can get out of your first free mortgage meeting. Learn more about how to be prepared.

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  • Carefree package, our team of buying agents and mortgage brokers guide you from A to Z.