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How to be prepared for your first mortgage meeting

The better you are prepared for your first meeting, the more you can get out of your first free mortgage meeting. Learn more about how to be prepared.

The first meeting

During the first meeting we would like to get to know more about you. To be able to
apply for a mortgage for you, we need to know exactly what your current financial
situation is. Therefore, we need to ask you some personal questions as well, this
way we can give you the best advice possible. During our first meeting we will tell
you more about the whole buying process and we will make a calculation to let you
know what your budget is.
Our goal for this meeting is to make sure you feel confident about your budget and
that you have all the information needed to start searching for your home in the

We are your guide along the way

Our work officially starts after your bid for a house got accepted and the buying
contract is signed, because this is the moment we can start applying for your
mortgage. From experience we know that the search for a new house can feel
overwhelming. That is why we will be available for you during this first step of the proces as a companion for all the insecurities or questions you might get.

Mortgage application

For the mortgage application there are some standard requested documents by the mortgage providers, along some extra documents (based on the individual mortgage application). It helps us a lot when you have these documents ready upfront.

The standard requested documents are:
  • Copy of your passport or National Identity card
  • Copy of your permit of residence
  • Most recent pay slip (this may not be older than two months)
  • Income tax declaration of the last three years (in case you are self-employed)
  • Signed buying contract (in case this is already arranged)
  • Overview of your current mortgage (in case you already have a house in the Netherlands)

Besides the standard documents some mortgage providers may ask for some extra
documents (depending on the provider), such as:
  • Overview of your current mortgage (in case you already have a house in the Netherlands)
  • Copy of your savings account
  • Copy of your bank account of the last three months
  • mortgage advisor Rogier WIijnands

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